Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Forgot to announce we have a new addition to the Carlton family. She is our beautiful Golden Retriever-Goldie!! She is so smart and very pretty, and she knows it. The other 2 outside dogs have taken to her like an old friend. I just can't let her sleep in the big heated doghouse yet. She sleeps in the hallway outside my bedroom until I get up. I know I said no more pets.........but she stole my heart!
Anyone else notice how crappy our roads are getting? McGrady Drive-the golden path to the south end Walmart-has got to be the worst road in Bradley county. The tar humps, the asphalt patches, the holes, the nonexistent turn lane-what a piece of crap! I try to detour around it but it is the inevitable path home most days. Then, look at APD 40 ,or whatever they are calling it this week. The patches are the worst, the long stretches of missing asphalt suck and the speed traps are unreasonable. Oh, well, just another day in beautiful SanfranCleveland, Tennessee. Ow, that last bump hurt my chapped butt!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am 56 years old and have never had a day like today! I was driving slowly down a side street,preparing to stop at the stop sign. I saw a young man walking down a gravel driveway to my right, like he was going to the mailbox. I eased over to the left to give him some extra room. I was going about 15-20 mph but had let off the gas in preparation for the stop. I saw the man look at me, then turn around and say something to several people in the yard. It seemed that there was an argument of sorts going on because the man raised his arm and gave them the finger. He then turned back toward the street, stopped, then suddenly ran 2 steps in an arc, lowered his left shoulder and his head, then rammed into the front end of my Dodge truck. I was stunned! It felt just like I had hit a wall! The body of the young man rolled forward 15 feet to a stop in front of me. I grabbed my cell phone, tried to dial 911, finally got them, told them where I was and then tried to help the man. The 911 operator was belligerant when I could not tell her an address, just that all you had to do was turn from the main highway onto the side street, and there we would be. She then asked me for his name! I had never seen this person in my life! I was in a panic and this idiot was asking for ID for a hurt person! I hung up when a police car rolled into view at that time. The man was bleeding severely from head wounds and seemed to have other injuries but I was never told how bad he was or is. Seems there is a law that forbids me getting told any information. I guess the privacy laws govern this but it seems a little absurd, I was just worried about the guy. I found out FROM HIS SISTER who showed up that he was upset about breaking up with his girlfriend, who happens to live in the house where he appeared to come from. He was being forced off the property by the girl's family. I think he did this thing to get SYMPATHY INJURIES! You know, "I'm hurt now you have to come and see me." What a wierd ,fucked up life this young man must live. I feel extremely sorry about what happened but everyone, including the 5 witnesses, told me I was not at fault. The police told me the same thing and put it in the official report. Somehow, I don't feel any better about this thing. I guess wrong place, wrong time will get you every time. And, nope, my ass ain't chapped but it's still clamped down tight!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I come here today ,again ,with with a hard lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach. I have to report that we lost another of our beloved pets. This time it is Mollie Belle, our little 9 pound solid black cat. We think she grieved herself to death as she would not eat, but just drink a little water now and then. We could tell she was missing Little Bit, whom we lost on June 17th. They were close to the same age and grew up together. Mollie Belle was adopted from a local pet store after she was brought back because of her personality. She was a little "touch me only if I want you to" type. She would tell you about it if you picked her up. She would go "wah-wah-wah-wah" until you let her go. But if she wanted you to hold her, there was never a more loving cat anywhere. She just wanted to pick her time and that was okay with us. I have never seen a more ferocious cat when confronted by a strange cat or dog. When we brought our 90 pound Rottweiller in the house one day, Mollie Belle rose up on her back feet and boxed her jaws like a boxer, and she had blazing speed in those front paws. Jazmine( the Rotty) screamed and ran, peeing all along the way. We had to laugh and still do when we talk about it.
But now, Mollie Belle has followed the others across the Rainbow Bridge. She is now playing with her old pals and having a great time. I know she hated to leave and we hated for her to have to go. We held her and kissed her a lot during her last days because we knew it was coming. She knows that we loved her and always will. Like the others, she has left a lasting liftime imprint on our hearts and souls. We know that we will see her again when it is out time to cross. I can't wait to see her with Jake, Jazmine, Tazmo, Little Bit and Chester so I can hug and kiss and roll around with them like we used to do. We miss you all so very much! Keep us a spot open beside you and think bout us like we do you every single day.We love and miss you all so very much it hurts. Mollie Belle, I already miss your "wah-wah-wah-wah".
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I hope and pray that all my friends and loved ones are surviving the newest obstacle that have blocked us from having happy lives. I hate the fact that people are losing their homes, cars and jobs just because of the political compromising. Where do the Dems get off raising my taxes after the Bushmaster lowered them? Why do the Pubs fight everything the Dems do? Politics-like a gaping chest wound-it sucks! Did you know that recently all of the richest Americans met at a secret place and discussed how they would take and use ALL OF YOUR MONEY? Believe it, it's true! Oprah was there, so was Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc. Why the secrecy? Is it true that only 25 people in the world control 75% of the wealth? A fairytale that just may prove to be true! I feel that there is a new beginning on the horizon but it may be one that I don't want to see. I don't want to SHARE, Mr Hussein Obama. I want to keep what is mine(after you tax the crap out of it). Wake up!!! The American dream died in November of 2008 when you idiots voted in what will most likely turn out to be the man who finally brought down America. And without firing a single shot!

Friday, June 19, 2009

On June 17th, we lost our longest living pet, our big ole black cat, Lil Bit. We had him since he was about 5 weeks old and before we got married. He was born on march 14, 1993-during the Super Storm. Taking a pet to the vet to have euthanized is one of the hardest, but sometimes the best, decision you will have to make. Lil Bit had been having gum infections for about a year and had lost weight and the zest for life. On the 15th, he lost the use of his back legs and could not get around. Not even to get to the litter box. This was possibly the saddest sight you will ever see and I could not stand it. We avoided each other's eyes for a couple of days before we finally talked about it, then the decision was made. We had always promised our pets that we would never let them suffer needlessly and we could see that he had basically given up. I came home from work, we wrapped him up, and drove to the vet. My wife is probably the strongest person I know. She held that dear old cat while the vet injected him and we held him and talked to him while he purred, then slowly faded away. It was calm and serene. He looked into my wife's eyes the whole time, love for her pouring out through his eyes. We buried him next to our Rottweiller, Jazmine, and our Golden Retrevier, Jake.
I have a vision of what happens when a pet dies and this is it: You do what must be done to fufill your promise. Then your pet begins his journey across the Rainbow Bridge that connects this world to the afterlife. Your pet looks back sadly because he can see your tears and hates to leave you. But he knows that he will see you again so he starts again to cross. As he passes the midpoint, he hears and feels his old friends that have gone on before him and he starts to hurry. As he goes, his body starts to regress back to the point in his life when he was the healthiest and happiest. Suddenly, he sees his old pals and his heart leaps for joy. There is Tazmo, Chester, Jazmine and Jake, looking just like they did when they all played together. They tell him how this new world is full of days like the best day he can ever remember. No pain, no loneliness, no sadness, no hunger-just like heaven is supposed to be. Lil Bit, please tell the others how much we miss them and know that we miss you so much it hurts. We will never forget any of you and will see you when it's out turn to cross the bridge. We love youo all so very much.
Mom and Dad

Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, now they are saying that buying up 40% of Citibank stock is not nationalization! Take a pig, paint it blue, and call it a pony-but it's still a pig! Get my drift? What happens to the stockowners?-they take it on the chin and lose their stock/money-poof, gone like the wind. So more people lose it all, nobody really cares, do they? I haven't seen anything that says anyone gives a crap.
As for the hometown-I have noticed that we may be on the way to becoming a Gestopo area. There are more police cars on the road then I have every seen. Why does a small town like Cleveland, Tennessee need 1 police car for every ten citizens cars? I know, it's to protect us from the POLICE! Recently it has come to light that the biggest drug dealers in our little town ARE the police. With 2 arrested on drug charges, sex charges(stuatory rape, contributing to the delequency of a minor), and who knows what else, who protects us? I know all police officers aren't bad but all this sheds a very bad light on the people in charge. I guess any drug arrests and convictions these 2 participated in will have to be thrown out or retried. AAAh, same old crap in the same old town-Good Ole Boy USA! Hopefully, this will chap someone elses ass instead of just mine. Doubt it tho!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did you watch the Obama news conference last night? I know you did or were you one of the 3 that didn't? I watched, I listened, and I could not believe what I was hearing. Hussein danced, bobbed and weaved like an old pro boxer. He couldn't even answer one direct question. All he wanted to do was repeat the same crap he said while campaigning. Change! Change is coming! I'm all about change! Well, dammit, get to changing things! Change how the banks are robbing people with high interest rates, foreclosing on honest hardworking people, stalling the economy by witholding money for new loans for businesses, homes, cars, etc. Most of us are having a hard time just paying the endlessly rising cost of our daily lives. Our food is suspect, our water is dirty, the air stinks-where is the help to clean up America? The politicos are too busy fighting about who gets credit for the STIMULUS BILL. Who really wants to take credit for mortgaging America's future? Hussein stated that the recovery will be long and tough-no free lunch! Well, the politicians are already lined up at the trough, along with the bank execs and the Wall Street bigwigs. They all want a piece of the large pie that has already been handed out but is unaccounted for. Bullshit-18.1 billion dollars in bonuses at ONE firm. Folks, the collapse is coming, I see it on the horizon. All I can say is be prepared. Like my grandmother told me, plant a garden when times get tough, you'll at least eat. Bargain and negotiate for everything-when times are tough, sellers will sell cheaper. They negotiate or you turn around and walk away-try it! Now, about the new direction of our wars-why are we planning a major offensive in Afganistan? Because we can't catch ONE man-Osama Bin Laden. They can see my license plate from a satellite in space but they can't find a 6 foot 6 inch man in a shitty little place like Afganistan? And they changed the rules-no torture for them but if they do it that's okay? Let me warn you-harm me or my family, and you will scream, you will bleed and you will most likely scream to die. My pleasure! Try me!! Just don't CHAP MY ASS! with petty bullshit anymore. I'm damned tired of it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the hell!!!?!! Where do they get off getting bonuses for doing a shitty job? I'm talking about the bank execs, managers, officers, etc. that have helped put this country in the worst financial shape since the Great Depression. Most of us have jobs that we are endanger of losing at anytime, no job security these days, but these bozos not only get to keep their jobs, but get extra money for fucking it up. Give me a break! Where are the so-called economists, financial experts, and money managers when all of this shit is rolling downhill? They are busily giving their expert opinion, getting paid for it, and then doing NOTHING to help the situation. I hope that the voters who got their say this time around get what they voted for. I PRAY that Hussien Obama can get enough of the right minds together to resolve this national crisis. If I had been able to run for President, I would not have accepted the job if I were begged. Who gets all the blame just because he's the front man, the speaker, the great orator-The President!! And believe it or not, he's only a front man for the real people who run this country. Someday, I believe the American people will awaken to the fact that we are here only to pay for the lifestyles of the rich and shameless. I am ready to give up and move somewhere that I know who the enemy is and not have to live believing in fairy tales. Can you speak a foreign language? Choose the country with the most power over us and learn their tongue-you may be required to sooner than you think. AND THAT TOTALLY COMPLETELY CHAPS MY ASS!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here's food for thought! What if this so-called "mortgage crisis" is a big scheme set up by the bank and mortgage companies just to set themselves up with a bonanza in real estate when the "crisis" is over? Has anyone thought of that? I haven't heard one person in the media bring this up as a possibility. If you don't think the crisis is real, just look around in whatever town you live in at the auction signs in the yards, the foreclosure notices in the local newspaper, and whatever other notification methods are used in your area. I sell (or lately, try to sell) construction materials to the new and lived in housing industry. My income has dropped drastically (about 40-50%) over the last 12 to 16 months and I don't see any end in sight. Permits that have been pulled for new construction gets put on hold because of the doubt in the job market. Every single day a new company announces layoffs or closings, leaving many employees jobless. One thing that I have noticed tho, the rental property construction is about the only thing going. Seems like some folks are in the know and are planning ahead. Hey, people have to live somewhere. I have lived the apartment life before and may have to again. I don't like having no say about who lives one wall away from me but you do what you must. I had to wait until I am a middle age man to learn to live for tomorrow and not just for today. I only hope I didn't learn too late. I have given away houses in divorces but would really hate giving this house to the bank. I hope a tornada hits it the next day if I do! This economy sucks!!! and that REALLY CHAPS MY ASS!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

If a bank screws up and loses money, the Government bails them out. Then they hand out bonuses to executives who screwed up the bank in the first place. What is WRONG with this picture? I am a firm believer that the politician and the big financial companies are all in this scheme together. I think that our President-elect will further drive us into a depression unlike anything ever seen. I think Hussein Obama is in league with that part of the world who wish to see the United States of America fail. I further believe that he has been promised a lead part in running whatever is left. Do I sound like a conspiracy nut? I hope so. I hope that this is all that it is, just a bad feeling on my part. I guess what leads me to believe in the unbelievable is the sad state of my own finances. I may well be on my way to joining the list of the forclosed mortgage homeowners. I have realized recently that we are never really homeowners until that last payment is made (25-30 years worth). Then your home is still owned by your local government for the taxes put upon it yearly and the insurance that must be held so if something happens, maybe you wont be homeless. I am too damned old to be going through this. So I am gonna buck up to the bank and demand(request?) lowering my interest rate or a refinance on a lower rate. If not, then they can add this house to the long list of bank owned real estate. I just am too tired to fight the battle anymore. Construction sales on the the skids and that means so am I.......Chaps and depresses MY ASS!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Here is a Halloween spook-TOMBIE ZOMBIE
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I hope to hell I never grow up!