Friday, June 19, 2009

On June 17th, we lost our longest living pet, our big ole black cat, Lil Bit. We had him since he was about 5 weeks old and before we got married. He was born on march 14, 1993-during the Super Storm. Taking a pet to the vet to have euthanized is one of the hardest, but sometimes the best, decision you will have to make. Lil Bit had been having gum infections for about a year and had lost weight and the zest for life. On the 15th, he lost the use of his back legs and could not get around. Not even to get to the litter box. This was possibly the saddest sight you will ever see and I could not stand it. We avoided each other's eyes for a couple of days before we finally talked about it, then the decision was made. We had always promised our pets that we would never let them suffer needlessly and we could see that he had basically given up. I came home from work, we wrapped him up, and drove to the vet. My wife is probably the strongest person I know. She held that dear old cat while the vet injected him and we held him and talked to him while he purred, then slowly faded away. It was calm and serene. He looked into my wife's eyes the whole time, love for her pouring out through his eyes. We buried him next to our Rottweiller, Jazmine, and our Golden Retrevier, Jake.
I have a vision of what happens when a pet dies and this is it: You do what must be done to fufill your promise. Then your pet begins his journey across the Rainbow Bridge that connects this world to the afterlife. Your pet looks back sadly because he can see your tears and hates to leave you. But he knows that he will see you again so he starts again to cross. As he passes the midpoint, he hears and feels his old friends that have gone on before him and he starts to hurry. As he goes, his body starts to regress back to the point in his life when he was the healthiest and happiest. Suddenly, he sees his old pals and his heart leaps for joy. There is Tazmo, Chester, Jazmine and Jake, looking just like they did when they all played together. They tell him how this new world is full of days like the best day he can ever remember. No pain, no loneliness, no sadness, no hunger-just like heaven is supposed to be. Lil Bit, please tell the others how much we miss them and know that we miss you so much it hurts. We will never forget any of you and will see you when it's out turn to cross the bridge. We love youo all so very much.
Mom and Dad

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