Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did you watch the Obama news conference last night? I know you did or were you one of the 3 that didn't? I watched, I listened, and I could not believe what I was hearing. Hussein danced, bobbed and weaved like an old pro boxer. He couldn't even answer one direct question. All he wanted to do was repeat the same crap he said while campaigning. Change! Change is coming! I'm all about change! Well, dammit, get to changing things! Change how the banks are robbing people with high interest rates, foreclosing on honest hardworking people, stalling the economy by witholding money for new loans for businesses, homes, cars, etc. Most of us are having a hard time just paying the endlessly rising cost of our daily lives. Our food is suspect, our water is dirty, the air stinks-where is the help to clean up America? The politicos are too busy fighting about who gets credit for the STIMULUS BILL. Who really wants to take credit for mortgaging America's future? Hussein stated that the recovery will be long and tough-no free lunch! Well, the politicians are already lined up at the trough, along with the bank execs and the Wall Street bigwigs. They all want a piece of the large pie that has already been handed out but is unaccounted for. Bullshit-18.1 billion dollars in bonuses at ONE firm. Folks, the collapse is coming, I see it on the horizon. All I can say is be prepared. Like my grandmother told me, plant a garden when times get tough, you'll at least eat. Bargain and negotiate for everything-when times are tough, sellers will sell cheaper. They negotiate or you turn around and walk away-try it! Now, about the new direction of our wars-why are we planning a major offensive in Afganistan? Because we can't catch ONE man-Osama Bin Laden. They can see my license plate from a satellite in space but they can't find a 6 foot 6 inch man in a shitty little place like Afganistan? And they changed the rules-no torture for them but if they do it that's okay? Let me warn you-harm me or my family, and you will scream, you will bleed and you will most likely scream to die. My pleasure! Try me!! Just don't CHAP MY ASS! with petty bullshit anymore. I'm damned tired of it!

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