Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I hope and pray that all my friends and loved ones are surviving the newest obstacle that have blocked us from having happy lives. I hate the fact that people are losing their homes, cars and jobs just because of the political compromising. Where do the Dems get off raising my taxes after the Bushmaster lowered them? Why do the Pubs fight everything the Dems do? Politics-like a gaping chest wound-it sucks! Did you know that recently all of the richest Americans met at a secret place and discussed how they would take and use ALL OF YOUR MONEY? Believe it, it's true! Oprah was there, so was Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc. Why the secrecy? Is it true that only 25 people in the world control 75% of the wealth? A fairytale that just may prove to be true! I feel that there is a new beginning on the horizon but it may be one that I don't want to see. I don't want to SHARE, Mr Hussein Obama. I want to keep what is mine(after you tax the crap out of it). Wake up!!! The American dream died in November of 2008 when you idiots voted in what will most likely turn out to be the man who finally brought down America. And without firing a single shot!

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