Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, now they are saying that buying up 40% of Citibank stock is not nationalization! Take a pig, paint it blue, and call it a pony-but it's still a pig! Get my drift? What happens to the stockowners?-they take it on the chin and lose their stock/money-poof, gone like the wind. So more people lose it all, nobody really cares, do they? I haven't seen anything that says anyone gives a crap.
As for the hometown-I have noticed that we may be on the way to becoming a Gestopo area. There are more police cars on the road then I have every seen. Why does a small town like Cleveland, Tennessee need 1 police car for every ten citizens cars? I know, it's to protect us from the POLICE! Recently it has come to light that the biggest drug dealers in our little town ARE the police. With 2 arrested on drug charges, sex charges(stuatory rape, contributing to the delequency of a minor), and who knows what else, who protects us? I know all police officers aren't bad but all this sheds a very bad light on the people in charge. I guess any drug arrests and convictions these 2 participated in will have to be thrown out or retried. AAAh, same old crap in the same old town-Good Ole Boy USA! Hopefully, this will chap someone elses ass instead of just mine. Doubt it tho!

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