Saturday, January 13, 2007

Winter has finally arrived here in the big city(Cleveland, Tennessee). Since we have only experienced about a week of cold weather, I guess it is to be expected. I can only hope for a NO SNOW forecast anytime soon. I still am able to get out on the motorcycle on a few days each month. I went for a POLAR BEAR ride on January 1st, just to say I rode on January 1st. It wasn't bad, only my fingers got cold, since I didn't wear the thick gloves. I can't wait for a little sign of spring so I can go for a weekender ride somewhere. I want to ride to Daytona Beach in March but I can't get off work for the length of time needed. I guess I'll just wait for May or June. Then it will be so hot I can't stand to ride. Never a win/win situation around here. Oh well, as they say,it could always be worse. I could be riding and get chapped lips to go with my chapped ass,huh? Here is a crappy pic of me and MOMO, my Vulcan 2000.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well,hell! Here I am again on the outs with yet another wife.(My 4th-and last). I got caught in a lie about one of my other ex-wives concerning having conversations with the ex-wife. We have a son together so that forever ties us together in whatever small way. So, on occasion, we have to have a conversation about OUR son. He is getting married in the spring of this year and I have to be involved in(pay for) the rehersal dinner. The ex wants to have a small informal barbeque at her residence. I really don't care where it is. But present wife absolutely refuses to take part in any gathering where the two of them have to interface. Especially if it is to take place at HER place. Her being the ex. I wish the present wife would understand that the ex-wife is the EX for a reason. WE DID NOT GET ALONG! And probably never will! I am too old to have to fight the jealousy battle and have no desire to be party to either's petty bullshit. I have therefore decided that I will provide the financial side of the dinner and delicately remove myself from further derision by not appearing. I WILL be at my only son's wedding even if the present and the ex are battling in the parking lot. And may the best one win! I can only hope to not embarrass myself OR my son. I guess I should have been a hermit like my dear mother predicted I would. And that,sorrowfully, really chaps my ass!!