Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today we have a great new interest rate of less the 1/2 percent. That's great,really great! But....where and how does that help me? I don't get to borrow money at that rate, I can't even get a loan because the banks are hoarding the $700 billion dollars that was given to US!! How can the government allow AIG to give out million dollar bonuses to excutives that FAILED!! I would get fired or imprisoned for what some of these guys have done. And Madoff stole over $50 BILLION and just got house arrest and an ankle braclet. I hope it was diamond and platinum. I hate to think that a billionaire was wearing some cheap gold thing. I am back to thinking that we are gonna have to go back to the 1960's rallying call to "tear it all down and start over again". I, let me rephrase......I pray that Hussein Obama can get something...anything, going to right the wrongs that have perpetrated on the American people. I pray that the greedy, no-good bastards that have gotten us to where we are right now, have to beg and plead for forgiveness, then have to spend eternity standing in the same shit we have been forced to stand in. Do I sound upset, pissed off, bettcha! And the whole damned thing just completely, totally CHAPS MY ASS!!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where the hell is all the change that Hussein Obama promised? All he is doing is recycling an old regime, bringing back "THE CLINTONS". I voted to keep them out of politics and now ole Billary is the Secretarty of State? Where does this place Slick Willie? Right in the middle of the decision making process again, that's where! Can anyone believe that we have him basically in office again for at least another 4 years? What in God's name is happening to the brains of the American people? Stupidity is now the brand we have to wear. Were people so desperate for a change that we would have voted in a giraffe under the Democratic banner? Wait until the new tax burdens are put in place, then tell me you voted for change! The only change I can see coming is less of it in my pocket. But I don't give a shit-let the government take care of me. I want all the benefits Hussein promised me. I want unempolyment pay, free food, free health care-I'm damn tired of paying for what he said I would get for free! GIVE IT TO ME NOW! I WANT IT NOW! BULLSHIT-it ain't gonna happen in my lifetime, so we should all get over it or just get under it. The recent political scandals that have come out of Chicago should be a clue for what we have in store for us. Do you honestly believe that Hussein didn't know that the Governor was auctioning off his old Senate seat? Do you think that? God have mercy on the clueless, for that can't think for themselves.....makes me sad..and CHAPS MY ASS!!!!!
What the hell is happening to our world, not just our country? Is it the result of all of the years of overindulgence, apathy, greed, and just "don't give a damn about the other guy"? Are we going to have to start over again like they did in the '30's after the Great Depression? Maybe so, since there are so many things now that would not have been possible in those days. Like a black president, cell phones, high credit debt, too large mortgages, etc. Maybe we need to go back to our roots, learn to use our hands and our brains to survive. We are a weak nation. A people used to playing video games, 700 television channels, crappy music(most remakes of old songs, can't people use their imaginations anymore to write new lyric and music?), fast food drive thrus, cars that can't be repaired at home anymore, high oil prices resulting in high everthing prices, etc. I am sick of it, and too old now to really have a chance to start over. The building industry is on the skids which means my income is half of what I need to meet my obligations. A large part of the country is going thru the same if not worse, so I guess I should not complain. But that is what this blog is all about-complaining about crap that CHAPS MY ASS!

Monday, November 03, 2008

In my last entry, I revealed how I had become a victim of the sour economy by being fired from my sales job for "slow sales and lack of need for a salesman right now".
Fortunately, I found a job on the same day I was fired. BUT!!!...when I went in to settle the terms of my new employment, I received a call on my cell phone from my former boss's attorney. She informed me that I had signed a non-competition agreement when I went to work there in 2003. I looked it up and realized that I had inadvertently signed a "3 year-300 mile" non-competition form that I had forgotten about. To start, the terms(3 years-300 miles) is extremely excessive for ANY job. Then, I was" let go", I did not quit to pursue employment elsewhere. In my opinion, this should negate any non-competition agreement. Lastly, this profession is what I know, what I taught myself, and have customers who will "go where I go" or just go elsewhere if I am not in this business any longer. I am a strong believer in customer service and loyalty, and this has benefited me in the long term with a strong customer base, loyal to me, not my former employer. I have been threatened with a lawsuit and with a restraining order that would prevent me from going to my new place of employment. I ask, is this fair? Why would someone fire you and then tell you you can't work in the same industry? What insane idiot thinks that telling me that I am not needed because the economy is poor, then telling me I can't work, doing what I know, is fair? I WANT to be sued for this. I want a trial by jury. I want 12 people to tell me that this is just! I am dumbfounded by the lack of humanity, the lack of common sense, and just the plain lack of sympathy by this ignorant jackass. This man has to be the greediest, coldest person I have ever met,and I regret the day I ever went to work for him. I have made a lot of money for this company, and at the same time, for myself by being a good salesman with a knack for customer care and service. Traits that are largely missing in the retail/wholesale industry these days. And I don't apologize for doing my job well.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Well, the Great Recession? of 2008 just claimed another victim--me! I was a salesman for a local building material supply company(who shall remain nameless because I am going to make every effort to see that they fail) who's ignorant owner decided he didn't need a saleman in these slow economic times. He said he will just rely on the walk-in/call-in traffic to keep the doors open. Well, good luck(not really!)! Do I sound bitter? Maybe a little, but I feel that a large weight has just been removed from my back. Mainly because I carried that little company thru hard times and good times. Customers have told me that I was the only reason that they still bought there. Makes me feel good that I have been so well thought of! I am now trying to get on with what has been known as "The Competition". I will take as many customers with me as will go and increase this company's bottom line, all the while watching the other one slowly fade. (hands rubbing gleefully and smirking). I could never understand the mind of this past employer. No advertising, no price adjusting, no loyalty to employees-every one is there just to provide a warm body to get the job done, even if it is a poor job. Well, poor decisions have toppled many a bigger company than this one, so let the rumble start and walls crumble. Adios, good bye, and good riddance! Sell it off at auction and move to Colorado(a clue?). See ya!
Ever own a dog? Most of us have. I always feel that a dog owns you, not the other way around. Dogs lives are too short...too short, but you know that going in. You know the pain is coming, you're going to lose a dog, and there's going to be great anguish. So you live fully in the moment with them, never fail to share their joy or delight in their innocence, because you can't support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion. There is such a beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price. Maybe loving dogs is a way we do penance for all the other illusions we allow ourselves and for the mistakes we make because of those illusions. I hope I can always have a dog by my side, even as I grow into an old man. The love in a dog's eyes can even take the edge off of that, and can even give you a reason to keep going, to know you just can't let them down.
If it doesn't already show, I miss the dogs that have gone on to the other side of the rainbow bridge, and I hope they are waiting for me when I cross.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm tired!! So tired!!
I'm tired of U.S. companies packing up and going to Mexico to set up shop-what about the employees you left unemployed here?
I'm tired of Mexican's coming across our border to get free medical care, dental care, welfare benefits, unemployment benefits, and our jobs!
I'm tired of seeing "Made in China" stamped on almost every item I pick up!
I'm tired of mealy mouthed politicians who take money from any and every group to sponsor their causes to the detriment of American citizens!
I'm tired of working hard every day just to have it all taken away by my medical insurance(that pays nect to nothing), my house payments and insurance, my rising food bills, my rising fuel bills, doctors bills(from doctors who agreed on a cost to perform a service, only to hit me up for a large portion that they say the insurance wont pay) and the cost of anything even related to relaxation or life enjoyment.
I'm tired of crooks, politicians, doctors, poor customer service, and lousy cable tv.
I'm tired! So damned tired! So very tired that it CHAPS MY TIRED OLD ASS!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

What my line/ Or what's my bitch. I'm sick of hearing of companies moving to another country because they can get it done cheaper, better and with less restrictions. What about the jobs lost here? What about the poor people who have to tell their kids that they have to cut back on EVERYTHING because the great job they had is now in Mexico? Wait a minute-all of the Mexicans are here! Why are they here and our jobs are in their hometowns? Why aren't they back there doing the jobs that have moved there? Do we live in the Twilight Zone? Have we all completely lost our minds? Why are we sitting back and letting this happen to us? I remember the Russian president in the 60's tell the United Nations that they would conquer America without firing a shot. Maybe this is his premonition coming true. How long do we stand by and take the bullshit handed to us every day from the leaders of this country?
I suggest-and only suggest- an uprising by lower and middle class Americans. One to surpass any seen since the 1960's. We should stand shoulder to shoulder, stop illegal immigration ourselves, forcebly throw any traitor polititian across the border to live in shame. Tell these Arab countries to get oil prices down to a reasonable level or forget getting our financial aid or military aid when they are in trouble. Tell dictators to treat their citizens with respect or get no respect from us. The list could go on forever, I'm just getting tired of repeating myself.
Here's and idea from the 20's, the 30's, the 40's, the 50's, the 60's and the 70's(the rest of the years were dedicated to fun, making love, making money, enjoying life). An old slogan by a very rowdy bunch-Tear it all down and start over again! Hey, we're doing it in Iraq, why not here? If we don't DO SOMETHING-it will all be over with before we can turn around. Can you speak Chinese? Me neither, and my Smith and Wesson says I don't have to learn. Yeah, I'm mad and my ass is VERY CHAPPED!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

When is it gonna end? It has to end somehow, some way-over the rainbow? Bushter recently went on the boob tube and told us all that everything was gonna be alright. The war is good! The economy is strong! Don't worry so much! Worry, hell! I'm scared to death every day that my job could end and my poor pitiful lifestyle get even more pitiful. I work in the construction material supply industry. Feel sorry for me yet? My sales and the company's sales are down by half from last year, so far. No new housing other than a few custom houses are being built, and if someone is attempting a "spec" home, they are surely taunting the gods and tempting fate. Every day I hear of a different contractor/builder going under because of overwhelming debt-can't even pay the interest on some loans. Even worse are the poor souls going to the gas station and getting $5 worth of gas-less than 2 gallons. No wonder I see cars on the side of the road, out of gas. More of them every day. I say let's stop this bullshit-stop sending aid to countries who don't even appreciate it since the general populations don't even see it anyway. The "generals" or "presidents" hoard it all away, sometimes right here in own on banks, for their own use. Stop letting these Arab/Muslim countries use oil as a weapon against us. Stop borrowing money from China! What are we giving up to get this money?
Is it the end of days? That biblical doomsday that has been foretold for centuries? I don't know! I just keep my firearms cleaned and loaded, my meager food stores stocked, my bottled water put away. You know, we are at the point right now where we can't trust our food supply, our water(bottled or tap) or our politicians(ever). I wish I could buy some land with a cave where I could stock it up with supplies, put in solar and wind power, and put up a foot thick door and lock myself away. I would reread my books, learn to whittle, work out more, and watch Gilligan's Island reruns until the day I die, inside my private tomb. I wish the world was as simple as it was when I was a kid, but those days are forever gone. I'm afraid they are gone even for the kids of today-and that REALLY CHAPS MY ASS!!! And God save us all or at least forgive us.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Down,down,down she goes-looks like it's "goodby Billary"-Good luck! Go build a Habitat House!
Take care of Slick Willie! Anything but politics, because you make me sick. Hiding behind the Demo party should be beyond you, but, no, there you stand-promising new taxes, nationalized health care, ending the war, etc-all of the thing no one person can or should promise to a demorilized nation, wanting answers and results-not lies and bullshit political rants. Now, don't get me wrong-Hussein Obama ain't ever gonna get my vote. But why the plagerism outcry? Every black man in America can quote the good Dr King and the Rev. Jackson-so don't cry foul when they use their WORDS. Just hope they don't use their actions. The only problem with John McCain is his age-notice how they never show him walking very far and when he walks, he shuffles-like the little old man he is(71, 72 by election day). The question is-will he live out his term in office-maybe we should look to who his vice presidential running mate will be. That is who will most likely end up as the head Knocker. President Sonny Perdue? How about President Jim Bob Cooter? Maybe ole Fred "Mr President" Thompson!! Fred abandoned ship on me, and that kinda "chaps my ass"!

Monday, February 18, 2008

What's with all the university suicide killings? What gets into these young people's minds(besides drugs,alcohol,broken hearts,etc.)? The NEWS MEDIA is the culprit ,I believe. I believe this with all my heart and soul. If the Media constantly puts the photos of bodies, names and the name of the culprit on the television, radio and newspaper, then the person gets the idea that this is his/her legacy. That they will always be remembered for this last desperate act. The solution-don't report it for days on end, every hour on the hour, on every channel and every paper in the country. And if any student or teacher/professor has any feeling or idea that they know someone who is suicidal or a little off kilter, then report it. I don't believe in indivdual rights when it comes to other people's lives or saving them. You can only do the idiot a favor by reporting him/her to the proper authority. Getting help for a nutcase is not illegal or antisocial-so just frigging do it!!And procecute this asshole's girlfriend-she was forewarned, no matter what she says. Believe me when I say-come into a building or room that I am in and you have a gun-prepare to die or suffer if I can get to you-no pity, no laws-just going down, if I can get it done. Or it's "Fuck you, sucker-hit this moving CHAPPED ASS!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's getting closer and closer. November is just around the corner! Who will it be? Billary, Hussein, or McCain? I can only hope that the flu bug gets em all and we have to settle for a complete unknown.
Well, the housing bomb has dropped and is slowly imploding. The foreclosures are coming hard and fast, the gas goes up and down, food prices have seen an alltime high, stock market can't decide how low it will go, and the whole damn Senate and Congress are spending countless dollars(your dollars) to chastise Roger Clemmons and other ball players. Who gives a shit what these guys take? I don't care if they shoot up heroin, snort coke, ingest Preparation H, or abuse a donkey. Let it the hell go!!! Get on to important shit. Like soldiers dying in foreign countries that we have no business in anyway. Stop the political bullshit, get off the television screen and do the jobs we elected you to do. Economic stimulus package-bullshit---just one side trying to influence an election and the other side wants their input for votes, too. Keep my rebate if it will change anything-but it wont, so send it to me now!!! I can buy some very mellow scotch with $600.
Maybe that will help me heal-MY BIG CHAPPED ASS!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, folks, I guess Fred is dead. Let us hang our heads in sorrow for the Republican party. I will weep tears of sadness for months to come. Fred Thompson will not be president of these here United States. What in the world will we do now? My worst fear is that Americans will look at the slate of characters running and just cast a vote for the first name on the list. Or just not even vote at all! How tragic to have the first black muslim or the first woman president just because there is nobody else to vote for. Did anyone catch the mayor of Atlanta giving Bill Clinton a major jab in the gut for his remarks about Hussein Obama? Note: Hussein is Obama's middle name, no joke, so I will forever refer to him by that middle name, president or not. Now the race card is played and out in the open. The black folk gonna have a party over this one. How ironic would it be to have 99 percent of the black population vote and elect the black candidate? November is too near for me-I fear the worst for our poor little abused country. Oh, well, what else......Oh, yeah-when was it decided that a rope noose is now a racial statement? I was left out of that discussion. I guess the Clint Eastwood movie "Hang em High" is now a racist movie? There is a "shudder" noose shown on the poster for this movie. I guess that will be digitally erased from now on. Has there not been enough racism, bigotry, and slander to get it thru to everyone that enough is enough? But you know, without it there would be no famous Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, names that have ridden the racist tide to financial rewards and infamy. And I almost forgot-someone, a black man, said that Bill Clinton was the first black president. What a country- I love that we can say what we want without reprisal-unless you count the lawsuits!! And that just CHAPS MY ASS!!!!