Sunday, August 23, 2009

I come here today ,again ,with with a hard lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach. I have to report that we lost another of our beloved pets. This time it is Mollie Belle, our little 9 pound solid black cat. We think she grieved herself to death as she would not eat, but just drink a little water now and then. We could tell she was missing Little Bit, whom we lost on June 17th. They were close to the same age and grew up together. Mollie Belle was adopted from a local pet store after she was brought back because of her personality. She was a little "touch me only if I want you to" type. She would tell you about it if you picked her up. She would go "wah-wah-wah-wah" until you let her go. But if she wanted you to hold her, there was never a more loving cat anywhere. She just wanted to pick her time and that was okay with us. I have never seen a more ferocious cat when confronted by a strange cat or dog. When we brought our 90 pound Rottweiller in the house one day, Mollie Belle rose up on her back feet and boxed her jaws like a boxer, and she had blazing speed in those front paws. Jazmine( the Rotty) screamed and ran, peeing all along the way. We had to laugh and still do when we talk about it.
But now, Mollie Belle has followed the others across the Rainbow Bridge. She is now playing with her old pals and having a great time. I know she hated to leave and we hated for her to have to go. We held her and kissed her a lot during her last days because we knew it was coming. She knows that we loved her and always will. Like the others, she has left a lasting liftime imprint on our hearts and souls. We know that we will see her again when it is out time to cross. I can't wait to see her with Jake, Jazmine, Tazmo, Little Bit and Chester so I can hug and kiss and roll around with them like we used to do. We miss you all so very much! Keep us a spot open beside you and think bout us like we do you every single day.We love and miss you all so very much it hurts. Mollie Belle, I already miss your "wah-wah-wah-wah".
Mom and Dad

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