Monday, November 13, 2006

I feel that I am risking turning this into a "political stand" blog, but here I go again. After the fallout settles from Black Tuesday(Demos regain power Day), I can only hope that the average American citizen is not who has to answer for the outcome. I am slowly realizing that I may very well be a Repub. After all the years of voting "for the man,not the party" speeches, I find I am a more and more voting Repub. I seem to always make more income when the Repub are in office. Why is this? I am not a rich man, I get no extra tax breaks or "free lunches". Right now, the economy can only be described as "hot". The building boom has slowed a little but I still sell tons of material every day. The Demos stated yesterday(that new Female Speaker of the House,anyway) that the economy needed boosting with new taxes to slow inflation. What in God's name do they mean? Gasoline has "fallen" to a lower level of overpriced, the interest rate was kept the same, job-less rates are down-Where is the problem? Do we as Americans just vote in a different set of lowlifes every few years to keep it interesting? Maybe my politics are too much of a low-brow level but the last 6 years have been pretty interesting to me. I don't have to wonder who's hiding in the presidential closet this week, with her cigars and pretty pink crotchless panties. I know it's Barbara. All I have to wonder about is where Osama is, where the next bomb is going off, and who George is gonna get pissed at.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tonight is Red Stripe Night! For the red stripes in our flag! So patriotic, am I! Well, as everyone now knows, the Demos took control of the House and the Senate. What this means is two years of schoolyard caliber antics from both sides but nothing really accomplished by either. Whatever the Repubs want, the Demos don't. Whatever the Demos want, the Repubs don't. It's a lose-lose situation for all Americans. We cannot come out on the good side of a Party pissing contest. I still say-Drop the two party system , it just ain't working for the good of America. And for a very obvious apathetic America at that. In my little town, less than half of the registered voters even bothered to vote. We even have early voting for 2 weeks before the general election so people can't say that they didn't have time, or weren't off in time, or were out of town,etc. People just don't care who represents them! And that is exactly what some of the lower species politicians use to their advantage. If you don't vote, then don't bitch!. I wont listen to you and neither should anyone else. The one last attainable right you have left is to vote-use it! Or risk CHAPPING MY ASS!


Saturday, November 04, 2006

OK-now it's back to the ranting and raving. Let's talk about health care in America! Why is this not the most important issue on your mind when you vote? Because it is the most shoved aside issue in America today. Why is it the majority of Americans don't have and can't afford decent health care? The cost of insurance is one reason, and the absurd cost of medical care is the other. I went to an orthopedic surgeon/doctor for a pain in my left knee( I usually ignore the pain in the right one). I had an x-ray, and then a shot of some milky-looking fluid directly in the area below the kneecap. IT HURT LIKE HELL@! Two weeks later, I get a bill for $154, above and beyond what my insurance had paid. I questioned the bill, asked why had they not accepted what the insurance had paid. I never got an anwer I truly understood except the one about turning me over for collection if I didn't pay up. I heard some mumbling about the cost of everything rising but no explicit reason. I also found out this DOC has a condo in Key West, an airplane to fly himself there, a Mercedes for his wife and some exotic sports car for himself, a rather large house in the country,etc. Talk about THE LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND SHAMELESS! People can't afford dental care, health care, medicine and food. Where is my congressman and senator on these issues? At the doorstep of each lobbyist, collecting his payment for voting against ceilings on costs of any of the above. Why are we so apathetic when it comes to voting? I say go vote in the person least likely to cause you pain and suffering. At least you can have a little say in the whole mess. And if you don't vote, don't bitch to anyone about who represents you. You gave up that right along with your vote. AND THAT REALLY CHAPS MY ASS!!!

This is another Coors cronicle-I can only hope that I can endure another weekend of political ads from the Tennessee senate race. I cringe every time I see Harold Ford or Bob Corker come onto my tv. I am getting so tired of the phrase "and I've approved this ad" that I could tear my eyes out and puncture my own eardrums. Can anyone tell me why a multi-millionaire would even want to be a senator? Corker is worth about $200 million. If I had that kind of money, I would retire to a tropical island, never to be heard from again. The signs would say "leave me the hell alone". Now, Harold Ford's entire family existence depends on political offices, perks, power and whatever monetary gains are to be had from such endeavors. I DO NOT WANT HAROLD FORD TO BE MY SENATOR OR TO REPRESENT ME IN ANY FORM OR FASHION. Is that clear enough? I figure Corker has nothing financially to gain from being senator, only the illusion of POWER that comes from it. I can live with that, I guess. Just keep his hands away from the RED BUTTON [supposedly the button that sends the nukes flying]. As a matter of fact, just get rid of the BUTTON. Wait, has anyone told the North Korean ruler that we have a BUTTON, one bigger than his? You know, I guess you could replace the word BUTTON with PENIS. It all amounts to about the same thing. "Mine is bigger than yours". Is that not something to CHAP YOUR ASS?