Monday, August 24, 2009

I am 56 years old and have never had a day like today! I was driving slowly down a side street,preparing to stop at the stop sign. I saw a young man walking down a gravel driveway to my right, like he was going to the mailbox. I eased over to the left to give him some extra room. I was going about 15-20 mph but had let off the gas in preparation for the stop. I saw the man look at me, then turn around and say something to several people in the yard. It seemed that there was an argument of sorts going on because the man raised his arm and gave them the finger. He then turned back toward the street, stopped, then suddenly ran 2 steps in an arc, lowered his left shoulder and his head, then rammed into the front end of my Dodge truck. I was stunned! It felt just like I had hit a wall! The body of the young man rolled forward 15 feet to a stop in front of me. I grabbed my cell phone, tried to dial 911, finally got them, told them where I was and then tried to help the man. The 911 operator was belligerant when I could not tell her an address, just that all you had to do was turn from the main highway onto the side street, and there we would be. She then asked me for his name! I had never seen this person in my life! I was in a panic and this idiot was asking for ID for a hurt person! I hung up when a police car rolled into view at that time. The man was bleeding severely from head wounds and seemed to have other injuries but I was never told how bad he was or is. Seems there is a law that forbids me getting told any information. I guess the privacy laws govern this but it seems a little absurd, I was just worried about the guy. I found out FROM HIS SISTER who showed up that he was upset about breaking up with his girlfriend, who happens to live in the house where he appeared to come from. He was being forced off the property by the girl's family. I think he did this thing to get SYMPATHY INJURIES! You know, "I'm hurt now you have to come and see me." What a wierd ,fucked up life this young man must live. I feel extremely sorry about what happened but everyone, including the 5 witnesses, told me I was not at fault. The police told me the same thing and put it in the official report. Somehow, I don't feel any better about this thing. I guess wrong place, wrong time will get you every time. And, nope, my ass ain't chapped but it's still clamped down tight!!

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