Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Down,down,down she goes-looks like it's "goodby Billary"-Good luck! Go build a Habitat House!
Take care of Slick Willie! Anything but politics, because you make me sick. Hiding behind the Demo party should be beyond you, but, no, there you stand-promising new taxes, nationalized health care, ending the war, etc-all of the thing no one person can or should promise to a demorilized nation, wanting answers and results-not lies and bullshit political rants. Now, don't get me wrong-Hussein Obama ain't ever gonna get my vote. But why the plagerism outcry? Every black man in America can quote the good Dr King and the Rev. Jackson-so don't cry foul when they use their WORDS. Just hope they don't use their actions. The only problem with John McCain is his age-notice how they never show him walking very far and when he walks, he shuffles-like the little old man he is(71, 72 by election day). The question is-will he live out his term in office-maybe we should look to who his vice presidential running mate will be. That is who will most likely end up as the head Knocker. President Sonny Perdue? How about President Jim Bob Cooter? Maybe ole Fred "Mr President" Thompson!! Fred abandoned ship on me, and that kinda "chaps my ass"!

Monday, February 18, 2008

What's with all the university suicide killings? What gets into these young people's minds(besides drugs,alcohol,broken hearts,etc.)? The NEWS MEDIA is the culprit ,I believe. I believe this with all my heart and soul. If the Media constantly puts the photos of bodies, names and the name of the culprit on the television, radio and newspaper, then the person gets the idea that this is his/her legacy. That they will always be remembered for this last desperate act. The solution-don't report it for days on end, every hour on the hour, on every channel and every paper in the country. And if any student or teacher/professor has any feeling or idea that they know someone who is suicidal or a little off kilter, then report it. I don't believe in indivdual rights when it comes to other people's lives or saving them. You can only do the idiot a favor by reporting him/her to the proper authority. Getting help for a nutcase is not illegal or antisocial-so just frigging do it!!And procecute this asshole's girlfriend-she was forewarned, no matter what she says. Believe me when I say-come into a building or room that I am in and you have a gun-prepare to die or suffer if I can get to you-no pity, no laws-just going down, if I can get it done. Or it's "Fuck you, sucker-hit this moving CHAPPED ASS!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's getting closer and closer. November is just around the corner! Who will it be? Billary, Hussein, or McCain? I can only hope that the flu bug gets em all and we have to settle for a complete unknown.
Well, the housing bomb has dropped and is slowly imploding. The foreclosures are coming hard and fast, the gas goes up and down, food prices have seen an alltime high, stock market can't decide how low it will go, and the whole damn Senate and Congress are spending countless dollars(your dollars) to chastise Roger Clemmons and other ball players. Who gives a shit what these guys take? I don't care if they shoot up heroin, snort coke, ingest Preparation H, or abuse a donkey. Let it the hell go!!! Get on to important shit. Like soldiers dying in foreign countries that we have no business in anyway. Stop the political bullshit, get off the television screen and do the jobs we elected you to do. Economic stimulus package-bullshit---just one side trying to influence an election and the other side wants their input for votes, too. Keep my rebate if it will change anything-but it wont, so send it to me now!!! I can buy some very mellow scotch with $600.
Maybe that will help me heal-MY BIG CHAPPED ASS!!!