Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is my crazy cat, BOBO. I rescued him when he was about 2 weeks old. I had gone to a job site to measure for an cost estimate and noticed some activity from a roofing crew next door. As I watched, one of the lunkheads heaved this tiny black and white object onto the hot shingled roof. I was horrified to see it was a small kitten. I walked over, removed a ladder from the front of the house and moved it so I could climb up to get it down. When I got down, I looked this tiny creature over and saw that a large section of it's tail had been burned. I set it on the ground and asked who was responsible for this idiocy. The one I had seen toss it on the roof walked up to me and stated "Me, and now watch what I do to it!" He walked toward it as if to kick it like a football. I reached out and stopped him. He then grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling my chest hair painfully, so I did what came naturally. I clocked him a sharp punch to the adam's apple. He went down like a rock and began choking and gurgling. I honestly thought I had done bad damage to him. The 3 other crewmen climbed down and started toward us. I thought, "Well, this is what you get for being a Sir Galihad, an ole fashioned ass-whuppin". Much to my surprise and relief, they had just come over to check on their friend and then to laugh at him. The fellow I surmised was the Bossman just said "Take that cat on out of here so he wont hurt it after you leave, please". So that is just what I did, I took a tiny, 2 week old kitten home. This picture of him shows that he has grown just a little, from about 6 ounces to about 11 pounds. And he thinks I'm his daddy and my wife, his mommy. How can people be so cruel to such an innocent and tiny creature. It makes me think about what upbringing they had and how much suffering is someone or something having to endure at their homes. Sometimes it's a sad and shameful world we live in, I guess. AND YOU KNOW THAT CHAPS MY ASS!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Let's call this "the Coors Cronicles" as I've consumed a few today. One of my favorite books "Marley and me" dropped to #4 on the hardback best sellers lists. After an astonishing 50 plus weeks as either #1 or #2, it took a rather short drop. Oh well, the paperback edition is sure to pad John Grogan's bank account even more. I feel that most people are like me in that they wait until the more economical paperback version comes out before forking out the money. I am an avid reader of Stephen King and Dean Koonz,among others such as John Sanford,etc. But I, most of the time, just wait it out. I wish I could read as avidly as I did in my younger days but find I just don't or wont dedicate the time. I remember being so involved with a book that I would read in bed until 2 or 3 A.M., much to the detriment of the following days work schedule. Now, I leave my books in the bathroom where I read until my feet go to sleep, then I waddle to the shower or to bed. I read so much in my bathroom that I have a bookcase there, filled to overflowing with books(hardback and paper) and magazines, such as This Old House, Wood, etc. Norm would be flattered to know that he is sometimes part of my daily constitutional. Hmm, the beer has stopped the ass chapping for today. Well, there's always another day and another ass chapping on the way. So here's to a mellow Sunday! BUUUUUUUUUUUrp!

Friday, October 06, 2006

For my 3rd scotch monologe, I'm gonna tone it down to some hilarity. This may or may not be funny to everyone so keep an open mind. As I have aged(to the ripe old 53rd year), I find myself going more regularly to my doctor for check ups and the infrequent concerns and scares that come with the aging process. I sit quietly in the waiting room, observing the other patients, and making mental notes. That person has something seriously wrong, that person is probably a hypochondriac,etc. I have watched, over the years ,some of the older men progress from humble, dottering old timers to high stepping straight back younger acting fellows, with snappy remarks and flirtatious attitudes. How naive as I was at the time. I had to ask Doc what he thought brought about these changes. He uttered one word-"Viagra". I had to ask, "How does an ED drug alter a man's physical and mental state?" His reply was "Have you ever tried it?" The answer was no but I was interested. I left that day with a prescription for it. I'm not sure I needed it but my girlfriends have all contributed when the refill is due. And I'm not sure if that chaps my ass or not.
Uncle High Stepping Tom
Well, the scotch is smooth tonight and I am in a mellow mood, and a talkative mood,also. So here goes-my least favorite subject, politics! What is the purpose of our 2 party system? Checks and balances is the most often quoted reason but I think it is to keep the American public offbalance. You are either a Demo or a Pub,right?
Well, I am neither and at this moment would be ashamed to claim either side. I live in Tennessee and the dirtiest race I have ever witnessed is for the state Senator position. Bob Corker and Harold Ford Jr.-a white Southern millionaire against a black? long time professional politician. If Harold Ford has ever lived in my state, he has been gone long enough to now have a Northern accent. I would like to know where he was born and raised if he is running for a power position that will affect me and mine for a while. Mr. Corker was a fairly decent mayor of Chattanooga and did do some good things. The only thing I know about Mr. Ford is he has a relative that has been accused of every political wrong doing known including abuse of power,bribe taking,etc. Now both sides are claiming wrong doings and lying by the other-so who do we believe? The man with the most money or the man with the most politcal clout?
I wish we could elect someone of our own chosing,someone we know is a good person, honest, hardworking, with no personal agenda. The only goal I can perceive for ANYONE to run for a political office is the perception and attainment of the most abused prize-POWER! The power to CHAP MY ASS!!!