Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the hell!!!?!! Where do they get off getting bonuses for doing a shitty job? I'm talking about the bank execs, managers, officers, etc. that have helped put this country in the worst financial shape since the Great Depression. Most of us have jobs that we are endanger of losing at anytime, no job security these days, but these bozos not only get to keep their jobs, but get extra money for fucking it up. Give me a break! Where are the so-called economists, financial experts, and money managers when all of this shit is rolling downhill? They are busily giving their expert opinion, getting paid for it, and then doing NOTHING to help the situation. I hope that the voters who got their say this time around get what they voted for. I PRAY that Hussien Obama can get enough of the right minds together to resolve this national crisis. If I had been able to run for President, I would not have accepted the job if I were begged. Who gets all the blame just because he's the front man, the speaker, the great orator-The President!! And believe it or not, he's only a front man for the real people who run this country. Someday, I believe the American people will awaken to the fact that we are here only to pay for the lifestyles of the rich and shameless. I am ready to give up and move somewhere that I know who the enemy is and not have to live believing in fairy tales. Can you speak a foreign language? Choose the country with the most power over us and learn their tongue-you may be required to sooner than you think. AND THAT TOTALLY COMPLETELY CHAPS MY ASS!!!!!!!!

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