Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the hell!!!?!! Where do they get off getting bonuses for doing a shitty job? I'm talking about the bank execs, managers, officers, etc. that have helped put this country in the worst financial shape since the Great Depression. Most of us have jobs that we are endanger of losing at anytime, no job security these days, but these bozos not only get to keep their jobs, but get extra money for fucking it up. Give me a break! Where are the so-called economists, financial experts, and money managers when all of this shit is rolling downhill? They are busily giving their expert opinion, getting paid for it, and then doing NOTHING to help the situation. I hope that the voters who got their say this time around get what they voted for. I PRAY that Hussien Obama can get enough of the right minds together to resolve this national crisis. If I had been able to run for President, I would not have accepted the job if I were begged. Who gets all the blame just because he's the front man, the speaker, the great orator-The President!! And believe it or not, he's only a front man for the real people who run this country. Someday, I believe the American people will awaken to the fact that we are here only to pay for the lifestyles of the rich and shameless. I am ready to give up and move somewhere that I know who the enemy is and not have to live believing in fairy tales. Can you speak a foreign language? Choose the country with the most power over us and learn their tongue-you may be required to sooner than you think. AND THAT TOTALLY COMPLETELY CHAPS MY ASS!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here's food for thought! What if this so-called "mortgage crisis" is a big scheme set up by the bank and mortgage companies just to set themselves up with a bonanza in real estate when the "crisis" is over? Has anyone thought of that? I haven't heard one person in the media bring this up as a possibility. If you don't think the crisis is real, just look around in whatever town you live in at the auction signs in the yards, the foreclosure notices in the local newspaper, and whatever other notification methods are used in your area. I sell (or lately, try to sell) construction materials to the new and lived in housing industry. My income has dropped drastically (about 40-50%) over the last 12 to 16 months and I don't see any end in sight. Permits that have been pulled for new construction gets put on hold because of the doubt in the job market. Every single day a new company announces layoffs or closings, leaving many employees jobless. One thing that I have noticed tho, the rental property construction is about the only thing going. Seems like some folks are in the know and are planning ahead. Hey, people have to live somewhere. I have lived the apartment life before and may have to again. I don't like having no say about who lives one wall away from me but you do what you must. I had to wait until I am a middle age man to learn to live for tomorrow and not just for today. I only hope I didn't learn too late. I have given away houses in divorces but would really hate giving this house to the bank. I hope a tornada hits it the next day if I do! This economy sucks!!! and that REALLY CHAPS MY ASS!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

If a bank screws up and loses money, the Government bails them out. Then they hand out bonuses to executives who screwed up the bank in the first place. What is WRONG with this picture? I am a firm believer that the politician and the big financial companies are all in this scheme together. I think that our President-elect will further drive us into a depression unlike anything ever seen. I think Hussein Obama is in league with that part of the world who wish to see the United States of America fail. I further believe that he has been promised a lead part in running whatever is left. Do I sound like a conspiracy nut? I hope so. I hope that this is all that it is, just a bad feeling on my part. I guess what leads me to believe in the unbelievable is the sad state of my own finances. I may well be on my way to joining the list of the forclosed mortgage homeowners. I have realized recently that we are never really homeowners until that last payment is made (25-30 years worth). Then your home is still owned by your local government for the taxes put upon it yearly and the insurance that must be held so if something happens, maybe you wont be homeless. I am too damned old to be going through this. So I am gonna buck up to the bank and demand(request?) lowering my interest rate or a refinance on a lower rate. If not, then they can add this house to the long list of bank owned real estate. I just am too tired to fight the battle anymore. Construction sales on the the skids and that means so am I.......Chaps and depresses MY ASS!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Here is a Halloween spook-TOMBIE ZOMBIE
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I hope to hell I never grow up!