Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, folks, I guess Fred is dead. Let us hang our heads in sorrow for the Republican party. I will weep tears of sadness for months to come. Fred Thompson will not be president of these here United States. What in the world will we do now? My worst fear is that Americans will look at the slate of characters running and just cast a vote for the first name on the list. Or just not even vote at all! How tragic to have the first black muslim or the first woman president just because there is nobody else to vote for. Did anyone catch the mayor of Atlanta giving Bill Clinton a major jab in the gut for his remarks about Hussein Obama? Note: Hussein is Obama's middle name, no joke, so I will forever refer to him by that middle name, president or not. Now the race card is played and out in the open. The black folk gonna have a party over this one. How ironic would it be to have 99 percent of the black population vote and elect the black candidate? November is too near for me-I fear the worst for our poor little abused country. Oh, well, what else......Oh, yeah-when was it decided that a rope noose is now a racial statement? I was left out of that discussion. I guess the Clint Eastwood movie "Hang em High" is now a racist movie? There is a "shudder" noose shown on the poster for this movie. I guess that will be digitally erased from now on. Has there not been enough racism, bigotry, and slander to get it thru to everyone that enough is enough? But you know, without it there would be no famous Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, names that have ridden the racist tide to financial rewards and infamy. And I almost forgot-someone, a black man, said that Bill Clinton was the first black president. What a country- I love that we can say what we want without reprisal-unless you count the lawsuits!! And that just CHAPS MY ASS!!!!

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