Friday, April 18, 2008

What my line/ Or what's my bitch. I'm sick of hearing of companies moving to another country because they can get it done cheaper, better and with less restrictions. What about the jobs lost here? What about the poor people who have to tell their kids that they have to cut back on EVERYTHING because the great job they had is now in Mexico? Wait a minute-all of the Mexicans are here! Why are they here and our jobs are in their hometowns? Why aren't they back there doing the jobs that have moved there? Do we live in the Twilight Zone? Have we all completely lost our minds? Why are we sitting back and letting this happen to us? I remember the Russian president in the 60's tell the United Nations that they would conquer America without firing a shot. Maybe this is his premonition coming true. How long do we stand by and take the bullshit handed to us every day from the leaders of this country?
I suggest-and only suggest- an uprising by lower and middle class Americans. One to surpass any seen since the 1960's. We should stand shoulder to shoulder, stop illegal immigration ourselves, forcebly throw any traitor polititian across the border to live in shame. Tell these Arab countries to get oil prices down to a reasonable level or forget getting our financial aid or military aid when they are in trouble. Tell dictators to treat their citizens with respect or get no respect from us. The list could go on forever, I'm just getting tired of repeating myself.
Here's and idea from the 20's, the 30's, the 40's, the 50's, the 60's and the 70's(the rest of the years were dedicated to fun, making love, making money, enjoying life). An old slogan by a very rowdy bunch-Tear it all down and start over again! Hey, we're doing it in Iraq, why not here? If we don't DO SOMETHING-it will all be over with before we can turn around. Can you speak Chinese? Me neither, and my Smith and Wesson says I don't have to learn. Yeah, I'm mad and my ass is VERY CHAPPED!!!

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