Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Down,down,down she goes-looks like it's "goodby Billary"-Good luck! Go build a Habitat House!
Take care of Slick Willie! Anything but politics, because you make me sick. Hiding behind the Demo party should be beyond you, but, no, there you stand-promising new taxes, nationalized health care, ending the war, etc-all of the thing no one person can or should promise to a demorilized nation, wanting answers and results-not lies and bullshit political rants. Now, don't get me wrong-Hussein Obama ain't ever gonna get my vote. But why the plagerism outcry? Every black man in America can quote the good Dr King and the Rev. Jackson-so don't cry foul when they use their WORDS. Just hope they don't use their actions. The only problem with John McCain is his age-notice how they never show him walking very far and when he walks, he shuffles-like the little old man he is(71, 72 by election day). The question is-will he live out his term in office-maybe we should look to who his vice presidential running mate will be. That is who will most likely end up as the head Knocker. President Sonny Perdue? How about President Jim Bob Cooter? Maybe ole Fred "Mr President" Thompson!! Fred abandoned ship on me, and that kinda "chaps my ass"!

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