Saturday, November 01, 2008

Well, the Great Recession? of 2008 just claimed another victim--me! I was a salesman for a local building material supply company(who shall remain nameless because I am going to make every effort to see that they fail) who's ignorant owner decided he didn't need a saleman in these slow economic times. He said he will just rely on the walk-in/call-in traffic to keep the doors open. Well, good luck(not really!)! Do I sound bitter? Maybe a little, but I feel that a large weight has just been removed from my back. Mainly because I carried that little company thru hard times and good times. Customers have told me that I was the only reason that they still bought there. Makes me feel good that I have been so well thought of! I am now trying to get on with what has been known as "The Competition". I will take as many customers with me as will go and increase this company's bottom line, all the while watching the other one slowly fade. (hands rubbing gleefully and smirking). I could never understand the mind of this past employer. No advertising, no price adjusting, no loyalty to employees-every one is there just to provide a warm body to get the job done, even if it is a poor job. Well, poor decisions have toppled many a bigger company than this one, so let the rumble start and walls crumble. Adios, good bye, and good riddance! Sell it off at auction and move to Colorado(a clue?). See ya!

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