Monday, November 03, 2008

In my last entry, I revealed how I had become a victim of the sour economy by being fired from my sales job for "slow sales and lack of need for a salesman right now".
Fortunately, I found a job on the same day I was fired. BUT!!!...when I went in to settle the terms of my new employment, I received a call on my cell phone from my former boss's attorney. She informed me that I had signed a non-competition agreement when I went to work there in 2003. I looked it up and realized that I had inadvertently signed a "3 year-300 mile" non-competition form that I had forgotten about. To start, the terms(3 years-300 miles) is extremely excessive for ANY job. Then, I was" let go", I did not quit to pursue employment elsewhere. In my opinion, this should negate any non-competition agreement. Lastly, this profession is what I know, what I taught myself, and have customers who will "go where I go" or just go elsewhere if I am not in this business any longer. I am a strong believer in customer service and loyalty, and this has benefited me in the long term with a strong customer base, loyal to me, not my former employer. I have been threatened with a lawsuit and with a restraining order that would prevent me from going to my new place of employment. I ask, is this fair? Why would someone fire you and then tell you you can't work in the same industry? What insane idiot thinks that telling me that I am not needed because the economy is poor, then telling me I can't work, doing what I know, is fair? I WANT to be sued for this. I want a trial by jury. I want 12 people to tell me that this is just! I am dumbfounded by the lack of humanity, the lack of common sense, and just the plain lack of sympathy by this ignorant jackass. This man has to be the greediest, coldest person I have ever met,and I regret the day I ever went to work for him. I have made a lot of money for this company, and at the same time, for myself by being a good salesman with a knack for customer care and service. Traits that are largely missing in the retail/wholesale industry these days. And I don't apologize for doing my job well.

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