Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where the hell is all the change that Hussein Obama promised? All he is doing is recycling an old regime, bringing back "THE CLINTONS". I voted to keep them out of politics and now ole Billary is the Secretarty of State? Where does this place Slick Willie? Right in the middle of the decision making process again, that's where! Can anyone believe that we have him basically in office again for at least another 4 years? What in God's name is happening to the brains of the American people? Stupidity is now the brand we have to wear. Were people so desperate for a change that we would have voted in a giraffe under the Democratic banner? Wait until the new tax burdens are put in place, then tell me you voted for change! The only change I can see coming is less of it in my pocket. But I don't give a shit-let the government take care of me. I want all the benefits Hussein promised me. I want unempolyment pay, free food, free health care-I'm damn tired of paying for what he said I would get for free! GIVE IT TO ME NOW! I WANT IT NOW! BULLSHIT-it ain't gonna happen in my lifetime, so we should all get over it or just get under it. The recent political scandals that have come out of Chicago should be a clue for what we have in store for us. Do you honestly believe that Hussein didn't know that the Governor was auctioning off his old Senate seat? Do you think that? God have mercy on the clueless, for that can't think for themselves.....makes me sad..and CHAPS MY ASS!!!!!

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