Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm tired!! So tired!!
I'm tired of U.S. companies packing up and going to Mexico to set up shop-what about the employees you left unemployed here?
I'm tired of Mexican's coming across our border to get free medical care, dental care, welfare benefits, unemployment benefits, and our jobs!
I'm tired of seeing "Made in China" stamped on almost every item I pick up!
I'm tired of mealy mouthed politicians who take money from any and every group to sponsor their causes to the detriment of American citizens!
I'm tired of working hard every day just to have it all taken away by my medical insurance(that pays nect to nothing), my house payments and insurance, my rising food bills, my rising fuel bills, doctors bills(from doctors who agreed on a cost to perform a service, only to hit me up for a large portion that they say the insurance wont pay) and the cost of anything even related to relaxation or life enjoyment.
I'm tired of crooks, politicians, doctors, poor customer service, and lousy cable tv.
I'm tired! So damned tired! So very tired that it CHAPS MY TIRED OLD ASS!!!

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