Friday, March 21, 2008

When is it gonna end? It has to end somehow, some way-over the rainbow? Bushter recently went on the boob tube and told us all that everything was gonna be alright. The war is good! The economy is strong! Don't worry so much! Worry, hell! I'm scared to death every day that my job could end and my poor pitiful lifestyle get even more pitiful. I work in the construction material supply industry. Feel sorry for me yet? My sales and the company's sales are down by half from last year, so far. No new housing other than a few custom houses are being built, and if someone is attempting a "spec" home, they are surely taunting the gods and tempting fate. Every day I hear of a different contractor/builder going under because of overwhelming debt-can't even pay the interest on some loans. Even worse are the poor souls going to the gas station and getting $5 worth of gas-less than 2 gallons. No wonder I see cars on the side of the road, out of gas. More of them every day. I say let's stop this bullshit-stop sending aid to countries who don't even appreciate it since the general populations don't even see it anyway. The "generals" or "presidents" hoard it all away, sometimes right here in own on banks, for their own use. Stop letting these Arab/Muslim countries use oil as a weapon against us. Stop borrowing money from China! What are we giving up to get this money?
Is it the end of days? That biblical doomsday that has been foretold for centuries? I don't know! I just keep my firearms cleaned and loaded, my meager food stores stocked, my bottled water put away. You know, we are at the point right now where we can't trust our food supply, our water(bottled or tap) or our politicians(ever). I wish I could buy some land with a cave where I could stock it up with supplies, put in solar and wind power, and put up a foot thick door and lock myself away. I would reread my books, learn to whittle, work out more, and watch Gilligan's Island reruns until the day I die, inside my private tomb. I wish the world was as simple as it was when I was a kid, but those days are forever gone. I'm afraid they are gone even for the kids of today-and that REALLY CHAPS MY ASS!!! And God save us all or at least forgive us.

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