Saturday, November 04, 2006

This is another Coors cronicle-I can only hope that I can endure another weekend of political ads from the Tennessee senate race. I cringe every time I see Harold Ford or Bob Corker come onto my tv. I am getting so tired of the phrase "and I've approved this ad" that I could tear my eyes out and puncture my own eardrums. Can anyone tell me why a multi-millionaire would even want to be a senator? Corker is worth about $200 million. If I had that kind of money, I would retire to a tropical island, never to be heard from again. The signs would say "leave me the hell alone". Now, Harold Ford's entire family existence depends on political offices, perks, power and whatever monetary gains are to be had from such endeavors. I DO NOT WANT HAROLD FORD TO BE MY SENATOR OR TO REPRESENT ME IN ANY FORM OR FASHION. Is that clear enough? I figure Corker has nothing financially to gain from being senator, only the illusion of POWER that comes from it. I can live with that, I guess. Just keep his hands away from the RED BUTTON [supposedly the button that sends the nukes flying]. As a matter of fact, just get rid of the BUTTON. Wait, has anyone told the North Korean ruler that we have a BUTTON, one bigger than his? You know, I guess you could replace the word BUTTON with PENIS. It all amounts to about the same thing. "Mine is bigger than yours". Is that not something to CHAP YOUR ASS?

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