Monday, November 13, 2006

I feel that I am risking turning this into a "political stand" blog, but here I go again. After the fallout settles from Black Tuesday(Demos regain power Day), I can only hope that the average American citizen is not who has to answer for the outcome. I am slowly realizing that I may very well be a Repub. After all the years of voting "for the man,not the party" speeches, I find I am a more and more voting Repub. I seem to always make more income when the Repub are in office. Why is this? I am not a rich man, I get no extra tax breaks or "free lunches". Right now, the economy can only be described as "hot". The building boom has slowed a little but I still sell tons of material every day. The Demos stated yesterday(that new Female Speaker of the House,anyway) that the economy needed boosting with new taxes to slow inflation. What in God's name do they mean? Gasoline has "fallen" to a lower level of overpriced, the interest rate was kept the same, job-less rates are down-Where is the problem? Do we as Americans just vote in a different set of lowlifes every few years to keep it interesting? Maybe my politics are too much of a low-brow level but the last 6 years have been pretty interesting to me. I don't have to wonder who's hiding in the presidential closet this week, with her cigars and pretty pink crotchless panties. I know it's Barbara. All I have to wonder about is where Osama is, where the next bomb is going off, and who George is gonna get pissed at.

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