Saturday, November 04, 2006

OK-now it's back to the ranting and raving. Let's talk about health care in America! Why is this not the most important issue on your mind when you vote? Because it is the most shoved aside issue in America today. Why is it the majority of Americans don't have and can't afford decent health care? The cost of insurance is one reason, and the absurd cost of medical care is the other. I went to an orthopedic surgeon/doctor for a pain in my left knee( I usually ignore the pain in the right one). I had an x-ray, and then a shot of some milky-looking fluid directly in the area below the kneecap. IT HURT LIKE HELL@! Two weeks later, I get a bill for $154, above and beyond what my insurance had paid. I questioned the bill, asked why had they not accepted what the insurance had paid. I never got an anwer I truly understood except the one about turning me over for collection if I didn't pay up. I heard some mumbling about the cost of everything rising but no explicit reason. I also found out this DOC has a condo in Key West, an airplane to fly himself there, a Mercedes for his wife and some exotic sports car for himself, a rather large house in the country,etc. Talk about THE LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND SHAMELESS! People can't afford dental care, health care, medicine and food. Where is my congressman and senator on these issues? At the doorstep of each lobbyist, collecting his payment for voting against ceilings on costs of any of the above. Why are we so apathetic when it comes to voting? I say go vote in the person least likely to cause you pain and suffering. At least you can have a little say in the whole mess. And if you don't vote, don't bitch to anyone about who represents you. You gave up that right along with your vote. AND THAT REALLY CHAPS MY ASS!!!

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