Friday, October 06, 2006

Well, the scotch is smooth tonight and I am in a mellow mood, and a talkative mood,also. So here goes-my least favorite subject, politics! What is the purpose of our 2 party system? Checks and balances is the most often quoted reason but I think it is to keep the American public offbalance. You are either a Demo or a Pub,right?
Well, I am neither and at this moment would be ashamed to claim either side. I live in Tennessee and the dirtiest race I have ever witnessed is for the state Senator position. Bob Corker and Harold Ford Jr.-a white Southern millionaire against a black? long time professional politician. If Harold Ford has ever lived in my state, he has been gone long enough to now have a Northern accent. I would like to know where he was born and raised if he is running for a power position that will affect me and mine for a while. Mr. Corker was a fairly decent mayor of Chattanooga and did do some good things. The only thing I know about Mr. Ford is he has a relative that has been accused of every political wrong doing known including abuse of power,bribe taking,etc. Now both sides are claiming wrong doings and lying by the other-so who do we believe? The man with the most money or the man with the most politcal clout?
I wish we could elect someone of our own chosing,someone we know is a good person, honest, hardworking, with no personal agenda. The only goal I can perceive for ANYONE to run for a political office is the perception and attainment of the most abused prize-POWER! The power to CHAP MY ASS!!!

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