Sunday, October 08, 2006

Let's call this "the Coors Cronicles" as I've consumed a few today. One of my favorite books "Marley and me" dropped to #4 on the hardback best sellers lists. After an astonishing 50 plus weeks as either #1 or #2, it took a rather short drop. Oh well, the paperback edition is sure to pad John Grogan's bank account even more. I feel that most people are like me in that they wait until the more economical paperback version comes out before forking out the money. I am an avid reader of Stephen King and Dean Koonz,among others such as John Sanford,etc. But I, most of the time, just wait it out. I wish I could read as avidly as I did in my younger days but find I just don't or wont dedicate the time. I remember being so involved with a book that I would read in bed until 2 or 3 A.M., much to the detriment of the following days work schedule. Now, I leave my books in the bathroom where I read until my feet go to sleep, then I waddle to the shower or to bed. I read so much in my bathroom that I have a bookcase there, filled to overflowing with books(hardback and paper) and magazines, such as This Old House, Wood, etc. Norm would be flattered to know that he is sometimes part of my daily constitutional. Hmm, the beer has stopped the ass chapping for today. Well, there's always another day and another ass chapping on the way. So here's to a mellow Sunday! BUUUUUUUUUUUrp!

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