Friday, October 06, 2006

For my 3rd scotch monologe, I'm gonna tone it down to some hilarity. This may or may not be funny to everyone so keep an open mind. As I have aged(to the ripe old 53rd year), I find myself going more regularly to my doctor for check ups and the infrequent concerns and scares that come with the aging process. I sit quietly in the waiting room, observing the other patients, and making mental notes. That person has something seriously wrong, that person is probably a hypochondriac,etc. I have watched, over the years ,some of the older men progress from humble, dottering old timers to high stepping straight back younger acting fellows, with snappy remarks and flirtatious attitudes. How naive as I was at the time. I had to ask Doc what he thought brought about these changes. He uttered one word-"Viagra". I had to ask, "How does an ED drug alter a man's physical and mental state?" His reply was "Have you ever tried it?" The answer was no but I was interested. I left that day with a prescription for it. I'm not sure I needed it but my girlfriends have all contributed when the refill is due. And I'm not sure if that chaps my ass or not.
Uncle High Stepping Tom

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