Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Well it's just like I thought. No reconciliation, no chance, no how! We went to court Monday March 1st to legitimatize the Ex Parte Order of Protection (how do you like my Latin?). No contact at all!! Or it's off to jail with you! What a crock of shit! The sad part is her dad died Friday night also. He had been sick for a long while and just suddenly went, poof! I have kinda figured out that Deb knew her dad didn't have too much longer and she wanted to protect her financial windfall in the form of a life insurance policy. I think she was afraid that she would lose it to our bankruptcy. If that is the case, she should have consulted a lawyer about it and would have found out that it would not have been touched. Or maybe she just decided to use it as a parting shot at me. Either way, when we go to mediation, I am gonna ask for 40% of it. We were together a total of 19 years, I feel I deserve something for my time, money, effort and humiliation. Or am I just being a really big turd? Anyway, the whole thing is a tragedy and really kinda CHAPS MY DIVORCED ASS!!

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