Saturday, March 06, 2010

The question of "is life fair?" has been answered. No! It is not fair, especially if you are are a man in a divorce case. I try to be fair and it gets slammed back into my face. "Ex Parte Order of Protection". Latin for "he's a really big asshole and we need to keep him on a short leash". Because I own a few knives and a couple of guns is why she got the order. Hell, she could have used them on me, since she had more access than I did. OK, it's over! I understand! You hate the ground I walk on! Let's just get it over and done. I do have to keep on living, or do you even care? It's starting to look like a big grab it all and run deal. There ain't much left to grab. Take what is yours and let me live out my life for however long or short that may be. Let's get to mediation and split the loot, the furniture, the whatever. But guess what.......income taxes are soob=n due and you owe half. Property taxes are due.....and you owe half. You have a 401k and I get half. Let's put the house up for sale since it isn't worth what we owe. I'll stay here, make the paynments, and maybe in 10 years or so, we can sell it and split the proceeds. Huh, sounds like you didn't do your homework, just hired a sleazebag lawyer and ran. I may get surprised but the shoe may drop to my side instead. Don't THAT just CHAP YOUR ASS?

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