Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I have to open up and complain about something that I'm sure more people than me have experienced. The total lack of respect for a paying customer,patient,end-user,whatever. For example: I go to the doctor, who proceeds to TELL me what I HAVE to do or else-YOU're gonna die at an early age( I'm 53, a little past the early age stage)! This is after I waited 45 minutes past my scheduled appointment time. I looked him in the eye and said,"Yeah, of stagnation waiting to be seen by you for this bullshit". He stopped, stared, mumbled something, then left the room. He came back after a few minutes and said "You know, you don't seem to want to be my patient any longer". I replied " I would just like to be you're patient for a shorter waiting period. I get tired of the same magazines, then the same "change your diet, exercise more,etc". I would like for you to respond with an appropriate answer for why my right shoulder hurts, my knees ache, and I can't sleep more than 4 hours at a time, not just grab a prescription pad and order me to pay for something that you probably get a kickback for". I think my next visit is in 6 months or so.
The other knotheads are the cable people who act like they are doing ME a favor by allowing me to view their programming,the Walmart managers who act like I'm intruding on their personal space if I ask where something is located, and a pharmacist who can't get an insurance claim registered correctly. I AM FED UP with the substandard service now leveled upon me and others who pay our way. I DON'T have to shop there, use your products or your services. And let me tell you loud and clear-CHAP MY ASS, then you can kiss it goodbye!

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