Saturday, January 13, 2007

Winter has finally arrived here in the big city(Cleveland, Tennessee). Since we have only experienced about a week of cold weather, I guess it is to be expected. I can only hope for a NO SNOW forecast anytime soon. I still am able to get out on the motorcycle on a few days each month. I went for a POLAR BEAR ride on January 1st, just to say I rode on January 1st. It wasn't bad, only my fingers got cold, since I didn't wear the thick gloves. I can't wait for a little sign of spring so I can go for a weekender ride somewhere. I want to ride to Daytona Beach in March but I can't get off work for the length of time needed. I guess I'll just wait for May or June. Then it will be so hot I can't stand to ride. Never a win/win situation around here. Oh well, as they say,it could always be worse. I could be riding and get chapped lips to go with my chapped ass,huh? Here is a crappy pic of me and MOMO, my Vulcan 2000.

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