Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is an open letter to the people I will mention thru-out this rambling.
To President George Bush: Hey, It's almost over, so let up a little. Let the Demos get their little say-so in. Just ride it out and enjoy your retirement, as I don't think you're gonna get into the same mode as Slick Willy and the rest of his crew(including your dad). Go to the ranch and enjoy LIFE!
To Ossama: Be glad you hit New York instead of Nashville. I believe that Toby Keith could have aroused more support against you then what you got from the Northern sector of this country.
To Bill Clinton: You wont make a very pretty First Lady so stop sucking up to Billery and live in the limelight of your sorry career. I get so sick of hearing of what you did for this country instead of what you cost this country. Listen, you rode the coattails of the greatest President in the history of America, then you systematically tore up everything Ronald Reagan did. You should live a life of shame until you die.
To Obama whatever: Don't waste your time and other people's money-it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
To Hillery: Read the above
To Fred Thompson: Run, man, run. I will vote for you, as will every living true Southerner and Republican(am I still a Pub?).
To every living American: Listen to what these people are saying, don't believe everything you hear, and vote with your heart and for your future and your children and their children. But, please vote-every single vote counts, every voice is heard-on an election ballot!

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