Friday, July 15, 2011

In the 21st century, ex-wives learn how to get on the internet and find your blog. She let loose a tirade of "how could you say such things?" Well, read this and understand something "The truth hurts sometimes!" I feel that if the things I stated were not true, then it should have made no difference what I put on this blog. Anyway, reality has finally set in and I know that what was ours is now over, never to be resurrected again. And I have accepted it now. It is a whole lot easier to get by day by day. I work, I eat sometimes, I watch televsion, I go to bed-then it all starts over again. At least I don't go to Applebees by myself. I don't usually go anywhere but have on occasion ventured out. Went to Riverbend, got drunk, came home. One night out of nine. Oh, well, it saves on spending money. Now I work, get paid and stack up the cash. My insecurity secured by dollar bills. And a lot less times to CHAP MY ASS!

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